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How to Install Wordpress with Softaculous

  There's no need for complicated and time-consuming application setup.
Softaculous makes it easy to install a wide variety of apps with just a few clicks.
In this guide, we will show you how to install Wordpress with Softaculous.

Below, we will provide step-by-step instructions on Wordpress installation process.

Step 1

Log into your cPanel Account.

Cpanel Login Form

Step 2

Scroll down to * Softaculous Apps Installer * and click on * Wordpress* icon.

Wordpress Installation

Step 3

Once you have reached the Wordpress configuration screen, click * Install Now *.

Wordpress Installation

Step 4

By default, Softaculous will install the latest version of Wordpress.
Choose Protocol (ex. http, https etc) from drop-down menu.
Next, choose the domain you wish to install WordPress from the drop-down menu.
In the field * In Directory *, key in the name of a directory to install.
For example, if you wish to install Wordpress on domain name ** ,leave this field blank.
If you wish to install Wordpress on domain **, type in blog.
If the directory doesn't exist, don't worry, it will be automatically created.

Wordpress Software Setup

Step 5

Enter your website name and description in the form field.

Wordpress Installation

Step 6

Enter a username and password.

Wordpress Installation

Step 7

Choose language from drop-down menu.

Choose Wordpress Language

Step 8

• Select Plugin(s)


Make any selections if needed.

• Advanced Options


If you need to make changes to the database, you could update them here, however for new
Wordpress installations, it's recommended to not make any changes as a new database will be created.

• Select Theme


Here you could select a theme, or you could ignore this and select a theme after the installation.

Step 9

Enter your email address if you would like to have the installation details (Recommended).

Click on the "Install" button and the Wordpress installation will begin.

That is all !