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How to Reset cPanel Completely

In this tutorial you will learn how to reset or format cPanel completely. This 8-step guide will show you how to easily get it done.

Note: Always be sure to have a backup of your entire website, including MySQL databases.
You could learn more on How to Create a Full cPanel Backup.

Step 1

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Cpanel Login Screen

Log into your cPanel Account.

Step 2

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cPanel Backup

Navigate to Files section and click on the File Manager icon.

Step 3

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Download Full Backup

When in File Manager, click Select All button.

Step 4

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Generate Full Backup

Click on the Delete button. All the files will be removed shortly.

Step 5

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Backup in progress

Click on Upload Link to upload the file.

Step 6

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From and Subject

Now, you can extract the cPanel file by right-clicking on the file, and selecting Extract.

Step 7

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From and Subject

Once extracted successfully, go to MySQL Databases under the DATABASES section and select MySQL Databases.

Step 8

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From and Subject

Scroll down to the Current Databases table and Delete all of the existing Databases.