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How to Create an Email Address in cPanel

Updated: November 27, 2023

cPanel allows you to create an email address and access your email through any browser, email client or mobile device.

In this guide, we will show you how to create an email address in cPanel.

Step 1

25% Complete (success)
Cpanel Login Form

Log into your cPanel Account.

Step 2

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Cpanel Email Section

Scroll down to Email and click on Email Accounts icon.

Step 3

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Create email address

Locate and click on the Create button.

Step 4

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Create email account

Username: In the Username field, enter a username. For example, if you want to create
an email address "", Enter Admin only in the field.

Password: Enter a unique password, or click the "Generate" button to auto-create.
Be sure to copy and save the password in a safe place.

Storage Space: Storage Space allows you to select the amount of space that your
email account can use to store emails. Select an amount in MB or select "Unlimited".

Click Create: All done. You should now be able to access your email account.