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Updated: November 27, 2023

A detailed description and explanation of cPanel Software functions.

  • PHP Pear Packages

      The purpose of PEAR is to provide: A structured library of open-source code for PHP users. A system for code distribution and package maintenance.PEAR packages are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP. You will need to install a PEAR package before you can use it inside a PHP program. Packages are installed directly from the PHP Extensions and Applications repository (PEAR).

  • Pear Modules

      Perl modules are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl. You will need to install a Perl module before you can use it inside a Perl program. Note: Modules are installed directly from the CPAN repository.

  • Site Software

      Site Software allows you to install WordPress with a few simple clicks.

  • Optimize Website

      Optimize the performance of your website by tweaking the way Apache handles requests. Compress Content: Apache allows you to compress content before sending it to the visitors browser. The types of content to be compressed are specified by MIME type. This feature requires Apaches mod_deflate to function correctly. Optimizing your website will surely enhance the speed load time and your your visitors will have a much better experience on your website.

  • MultiPHP Manager

      One of cPanels newer features is the MultiPHP Manager. This tool allows you to change the PHP version that your websites are using. The system default PHP version is set by the system administrator. Any domain that is set to the inherit value indicates that it does not have its own PHP version explicitly set.

  • MultiPHP INI Editor

      MultiPHP INI Editor allows you to make configuration changes to your PHP settings. This compliments the MultiPHP Manager, that allows you to change PHP version of your websites. The MultiPHP INI Editor has two modes, Basic and Editor. The MultiPHP INI editor writes to the .htaccess, .user.ini, and php.ini files. The system will only write a directive to a file if it is a valid directive for that file type.

  • Softaculous Apps Installer

      The Softaculous Apps Installer allows you to quickly install a wide variety of apps with just a few clicks of a button. Simply select the app you would like to instal and follow the onscreen instruction. There's no need for complicated manual installations.

  • Select PHP Version

      Select PHP Version allows you to change or update the PHP version for your website. Also, you could change the various PHP settings by allowing you to enable and disable PHP extensions, as well as configuration directives.